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Destination Tofino

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Why go to Tofino?
Tofino is a small fishing and surfing village on the west coast of Vancouver island. It is a very popular tourist spot as it is one of the most beautiful towns in BC with a stunning view of the ocean.
How to get to Tofino?
First, you need to go to the ferry at Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, from there you need to go to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Once in Nanaimo you will need to rent a car or take the bus to Tofino. Getting there will take some time, but it’s a great journey.
Which activities can you do there?
In my opinion the most fun thing you can do is go surfing. It’s a lots of fun and quite challenging. Surfing is a really nice experience especially because you are wearing a wet suit, helping you stay warm in the cold warters. The waves are great and the landscape is very appealing.
Another nice thing you can do is go whale watching. It’s really impressive to see these big animals in the ocean. If you do a whale watching tour you will likely see sea lions, otters and seals as well.
I really recommend any students here at EC Vancouver to visit Tofino, especially if they have a free weekend.

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