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Fun things to do for EC Vancouver students in February #1: Talking stick festival 2015

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A part of living in Vancouver is being interested in aboriginal culture. If you are, you are going to love the next festival presented by Full Circle First Nations Performance. The 14th annual Talking Stick Festival proposes to discover the work of Aboriginal artists. All areas of performing arts are represented at the Talking Stick Festival, from theatre, dance, drumming and music to spoken word and multimedia performance.


The Talking Stick Festival initially started in 2001 as one evening of cabaret performance only. Nowadays and for few years this festival has been a two week celebration of Aboriginal culture. It is a nice way to bring many different nations together, not only the First Nation, but the non-Aboriginal nations as well.

This festival has another advantage; knowledge sharing programs are offered after some shows. This includes workshops, panels, artist talks & conversations. By this way you can have the chance to meet different artists, speak with them and experience these arts yourself.


Talking Stick Festival takes place from February 17th to March 1st 2015 in different venues throughout the city. During these 13 days you will have the chance to see or participate to 30 different shows! If you are interested, please visit the Full Circle website for more information and to find your tickets.


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