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A night out with EC staff in Vancouver

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There are oodles of amazing restaurants in Vancouver! Last Saturday, some of the EC staff went out for dinner in one of them – a lovely Lebanese restaurant.

The name of the restaurant is Jam Jar, located at Commercial Drive, and their specialty is food to share as a means to connect. Indeed, we shared our food and we had a blast! The food was very fresh, well flavored with many exotic spices and uniquely served in beautiful dishes.

Here are some impressions of the food that they served to us:


We started off with with Hummus and Tabbouli served with Saj, a traditional Lebanese flatbread.


Followed by Chicken Yakhni and brown rice as our main dish.


To finish off we had the Jamjar of the day as dessert; red velvet cake and vanilla ice cream. Gorgeous!


Two of our interns at EC Vancouver – Mari and Mako were obviously happy about the delicious food.

We rounded out the night at Mark’s, one of our EC teacher, concert. It was a delightful evening!

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