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Fumiko Maruyama: "I totally recommend EC to my friends…"

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Fumiko Maruyama, who is one of our student ambassadors, shares her EC experience while studying English in Vancouver, Canada.


While I was looking for a language school, I focused on the distance between students and teachers, the strictness of speaking English only and whether there are some academic courses or not. Moreover, the balance of nationalities to practice listening to different pronunciations.

All the teachers at EC who I have met so far are truly sympathetic. They always cheer us up and try to keep our motivation up to study English.

The best memorable experience at EC will be the many opportunities to make friends and the precious time with them. Also, managing to deal with difficult content gave me confidence in improving my English.

I totally recommend EC to friends because of its excellent environment for studying. Speaking your own language is prohibited and it has a friendly and warm atmosphere. Furthermore, since all the students are friendly and cheerful, you will be impacted positively by them.

Fumiko and Loris


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