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Wanchen Lee shares her reasons why she came to EC Vancouver to study English

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Our student, Wanchen (Daisy) Lee, from Taiwan shares her reasons why she came to Canada and studies English at EC Vancouver.

Wanchen (Daisy) Lee and her teacher - Study English in Canada with ECMy name is Daisy, I come from Taiwan and I’m not a student. I want to improve my English, so I quit my job. Before I came here, I went to America to visit my friends and travel. During my trip, I realized English is the most important language, so I want to speak English well.

I have been to an English cram school, but I was not a serious-studying student. In fact, I’m too lazy to study English. I don’t like to sit too long. I have many friends studying abroad and they suggested that I do the same. So I wanted to go abroad and study English before I’m 30 years old. I came here by myself. I think if I stay here for 10 months, my English will become better. Then after 10 months, I want to get a better job and travel more.

EC school provides a well learning environment for students. In EC, I’m not only studying English, but also make lots of friends. All the EC teachers are kind and easy to get along with. Even though there are many students, they care about each student and remember them.

Wanchen (Daisy) and her friends - Study English in Canada with EC

There are different courses I can choose to improve my English skills. In EC, learning English makes me feel interested and increases my confidence. Now, I look forward to going to EC school every day and enjoy to study English.


Are you inspired by Wanchen’s story and now, you would like to study in an English school in Vancouver?

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