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Jonathan's EC Story

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Visit Vancouver and Learn English in Canada with EC

Jonathan is a Brazilian student who graduated from EC this year. Here is his story:

Friends Made in Vancouver
When I first thought about going to Canada, my main goal was to get myself ready for the IELTS Exam. So my initial focus was to study English. When I arrived in Vancouver, I was faced with people from all over the world: Japan, China, Switzerland, Brazil, Colombians, you name it! Sometimes, you could even find a native Canadian among the crowd haha (yes, that’s how diverse Vancouver is).

After I started making some friends, I came to realize that learning English was not only about staying at school, or in your room, reading books and writing all day long. I noticed that learning English was way more complex than that. Learning English (or any other language ), is about becoming part of the culture, and interacting with people, the same way you would in your native country. Sometimes, the language-learning process should run in the background, while the getting-to-know-people process runs in the foreground, allowing you to meet different people, and understand their passions, and objectives.

The opportunity to get out of the box and share experiences with people from all over the world, is something that everyone should be able to do once in their lives. Listen, as much as you speak, because when you speak, you talk about something you know, but when you listen, you might learn something new.

EC Vancouver definitely helped me during this time, by allowing me to meet fantastic people, with awesome teachers and interesting social events.
All of the friends that I made during my stay in Canada are important to me, because each of them reminds me of how big and diverse the world is. Also, they helped me become a better person, and a better English speaker.

Advice for Brazilian students
There are several people in Brazil that would love to have this experience, but can’t, usually because of financial limitations. If you’re blessed enough to have this opportunity, please don’t waste it. Forget your native language, stop befriending only people from your own country. Leave your comfort zone.
Do something different, be different.

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