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Canadian Cuisine

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Canadian cuisine, which varies widely by region and its peoples, is not as popular outside of Canada. However, Poutine stands out as purely Canadian which puts us on the map of world foods.

Canadian cuisine combines the customs and traditions of English, Scottish and French cuisines.

The provincial kitchens of European meals expanded after the subsequent waves of immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries. Despite the ability to identify some of the dishes as Canadian, it’s difficult to define a complete style of Canadian cuisine because of the cultural diversity.




Probably the most popular Canadian Dish. It first appeared in Quebec in 1950 and consists french fries, Cheese curds, gravy sauce and depending on the region, chicken or beef broth.



A traditional meat pie thats also originally from Quebec. It’s made from fine chopped meat with onions and spices such as cinnamon and cloves. You can add vegetables or potatoes, often during Christmas celebrations, and can always be enjoyed throughout the year as well.


Pâté Chinois:

A delicious pancake made up of beef layers, creamy corn, and mashed potatoes.


Nova Scotia Donair:

Also called Maritime Donair or Halifax Donair, It’s a famous snack that includes hot beef in French bread, topped with tomatoes, onions, sweet milk sauce, garlic powder, sugar and vinegar.



Soft, dried meat, mixed with fat, proteins and berries.


Garlic Fingers:

Pastries like pizza come with cheese, garlic and sometimes meat.


Lobster Roll:

Meat mixed with mayonnaise, served in a hotdog bun.



Pie consists of layers of fish and meat.


With all the food mentioned, I bet you’re hungry now! Contact EC Vancouver to study English in Canada and learn more about Canadian culture while also exploring the city. Visit our website or social media platforms to learn more about our ESL programs and courses.

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