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July 21st New Students

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Welcome new EC students to British Columbia!

Hi everyone and welcome to Vancouver! It was lovely meeting all of you on Sunday July 21st! The Sunday tour was an amazing experience for everyone because we all got to meet each other and hanged out afterwards. We are excited that you are studying with us here at EC Vancouver in this wonderful time of the year. Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and meet new friends while also studying English. Vancouver is a multicultural city with diverse communities and backgrounds that makes it easy to live and settle in the lower mainland.

July 21 New Students
July 21st : Welcome, welcome everyone! We hope that you enjoy Vancouver and British Columbia to its fullest!

With that being said, Vancouver’s summer is all about the outdoors and adventures! There are endless mountains, parks, beaches, trails and activities to do. We suggest that you read our other blogs and visit our social media profiles to learn more about what’s happening in EC and Vancouver.

Learning English with others and exploring different cultures and backgrounds is an incredible experience that stays with you forever. Study English with us and kick-start your career. English is an international language that is used literally everywhere. However, learning English requires dedication and effort as well as time. That is why we think that making friends on the first day is important! You get to share and make friends, its a win-win situation!

EC Vancouver

Nonetheless, to learn more about our ESL courses and programs, contact us using our social media profiles or visit our website. You may also come visit us during our opening hours from 8 am to 5 pm. Try a free trial class with us and experience the orange carpet yourself! We have levels ranging from basic elementary to complete proficiency and advanced. Not to mention our test preparation programs likes IELTS and Cambridge based.


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