Eva Mossberg recommends: Go Bananas over Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Who doesn’t want to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood cheaply? I do, for sure! Therefore, every Friday as I leave work I join the hundreds of Bostonians and go to the outdoor market held every Friday and Saturday at Haymarket, just around the corner from EC Boston! I bring reusable bags from home, and buy all the fresh groceries I need for the week for approximately half of what I would pay at the supermarket. The variety of fruits and vegetables is endless, from peppers of all shapes and colors, apples, artichokes, to bananas and tomatoes, and it’s so much more fun as I get to buy directly from colorful and friendly vendors instead of standing in a check-out line! You should try it too!
The market is open every Friday and Saturday from sunrise to sunset, except for New Year’s Day and Christmas Day. Right next to the market there are also specialty grocery stores selling Halal meat, yummy cookies, spices and stinky cheeses, providing the perfect opportunity to buy something new to try, or to find that special food you miss from your home country.