Want to Volunteer?

Would you like to speak to native English speakers?
Would you like to give back to the Boston community?

Below are some organizations and websites to consult to find volunteer opportunities:


American Red Cross,
Greater Boston Food Bank,
The New England Center for Homeless Veterans (http://www.nechv.org/), or
Community Servings.

There are some others you can find if you google search soup kitchen or food pantry or volunteering in Boston, MA.

http://www.bostoncares.org/ is another great website to find volunteer opportunities.

Many of these organizations will ask that you fill out a form and/or attend a training. Most of them have many, many volunteers, and it may take a couple of months before you can be scheduled to volunteer. Once you start volunteering, they usually ask that you come regularly so that they can depend on you. It will be a wonderful experience for you to speak to all these native speakers.

Enjoy and good luck!

Sarah Harkleroad
EC Teacher