Student Ambassador writes about Ramadan

What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the ninth month in an Arabic calendar during people fast whole the month. Fasting during Ramadan is a fourth panner in Muslim religion. Fasting means stopping eating. People stop eating from before the sun rises to sun set. Ramadan doesn’t only consider about stopping eating , people do many things specific in this month. Moreover,fasting is good for health.

Fasting during Ramadan teaches people a great lesson. In Ramadan people pray too much,they don’t say bad words,and they design to help people who are poor and sick. People become charitable. Muslim families become closer to each other. For intreats,they invite each other to eat together. Ramadan is the greatest month because it reminds people what they have and makes them think about poor people.

People love having Ramadan because it’s special month for every Muslim. They will get blessing and givens from God. People celebrate the end of the month which is called Eid. They should wear new clothes. They have a nice breakfast. Families visit each other. Older people give kids a small amount of money. Ramadan and Eid are special events to every Muslim in the world.

photo 1
Manal with her family

Manal is an Academic Year student and a Student Ambassador at EC Boston.