Student Testimonial: Takaaki Ikeda from Japan Shares his EC Boston Experience

Takaaki finished his ESL classes in Boston last week. Here is what he had to say about his EC experience.

Takaaki Ikeda from Japan Shares his EC Boston Experience
“…the people who I met here were amazing, respectable, and irreplaceable.”



“There is no right way to start, but being in EC was such a wonderful experience for me. I didn’t move up a lot, but it’s not a big deal (it is actually a big deal though.) But the reasons why I strongly feel that I am satisfied with EC are because of the uncountable experiences and people that l got to meet here at EC Boston. Almost all the people who I met here were amazing, respectable, and irreplaceable. They have all experienced a lot, and I’ve developed a sense of respect for them. I have learned many things from them such as different ways of thinking about work or how to handle myself optimistically, etc… Even if I had had a basic idea about something, I could always learn something new. I probably didn’t mean to, but I think I might have been trying to be flexible when it came to everything.

If I didn’t try it, my whole life in the US would have been different. But I would like to say meeting people from different countries, experiencing new things, understanding and becoming friends, and spending time with people, even if I argued with them, are much more important for life.

But studying was also extremely important for sure. If I have one regret, it would have to be that I didn’t study enough (but in my defense, I DID STUDY.) But there are a bunch of ways that you can study. The most important things are how motivated you are and how sensitive you are to everything that is new around you.

Just like the color of the logo, orange is a great color to describe EC. The teachers at EC Boston, as well as the staff at the front desk and the academic office, are quite nice. They are very helpful, kind, energetic, thoughtful, and smart. They supported me throughout my entire experience in Boston. Especially, they gave me personal help and checked my work every single time, even though they were not getting paid for it. They also helped me to the best of their abilities with some personal things. I feel like some of them have the qualities that make up best friends, more or less. This is one of the biggest reasons I recommend EC.
I think hi-fives and greetings with a hug or kiss are pretty rough for students from Asia. But these things are parts of different cultures and once you are used to it, you will like it. That is pretty much that.

Finally, I am honored that I can write about EC and be thankful about everything that I had and everything my future will bring me thanks to this experience.”