Student Testimonial: Wooyoung Lee Talks about His EC Experience

Wooyoung Lee Talks About His ESL Boston Experience
Wooyoung Lee (right, yellow) at his EC graduation.


Wooyoung Lee of South Korea just finished studying English at EC Boston. Here is what he had to say about his #ecexperience:

When I came here I didn’t know anything about US and institutions. I followed my agent’s recommendation. I’ve stayed here 5 months so far. And my answer is “cool”. At first I couldn’t speak English well. I can communicate with Americans now though. It’s amazing experience to me. I also have met many friends from various countries. I’ve learned many things such as culture, mentality and etc from them. Lastly, the biggest thing that I’ve been changed is having open mind and a point of view to the world. Coming to EC was really good choice in my life.

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