Conversation Partners at EC Boston!

Japanese students Ryo and Taishi with their Conversation Partner, Wendy!

Conversation Partners is a unique EC Boston program that is designed to heighten cultural experiences and exchanges of students and community members alike. Students who want to maximize their English experience will apply for this program and be selectively paired with a native Boston resident. A successful match allows students to expand their grasp of the English language beyond the classroom and to become fully immersed in their new surroundings and to have an authentic Boston experience.

This program is available to long-term students (3 months or more) and runs in three sessions throughout the year: Spring session (January to April), summer session (May to July), and winter session (September to November). During these sessions, partners meet once a week at a location of their choice and try new activities, restaurants and shops in the city while conversing in 50% in English and 50% in the student’s native language.

There is a kickoff event at the beginning of each session during which all of the students and all of the volunteers come together at the school to meet for the first time. There, they are taken through a presentation highlighting the specifics of the program and given different ice breakers to get to know their partner. At the end of the event, the student and volunteer exchange contact information and decide on a time and place to meet next.

Many of EC Boston’s students have made life-long friends in Boston via the Conversation Partners Program, as well as improved their conversation skills and learned more about the city of Boston. If you would like to apply for a Conversation Partner, please see the Front Desk. (We are currently taking applications for the Summer Session beginning on September 7th. The deadline to apply is August 17th.)

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