Irish Trivia: Can you answer all 20 questions?

Here at EC Boston, we are blessed by having an Irishman as one of our Student Services Coordinators, Stephen! For St. Patrick’s Day, he came up with a quiz for our students. The winner will get a mystery prize which will be announced at our graduation on Friday. Do you think you know a lot about Ireland? Can you understand people with Irish accents? Try our quiz, the answers will be posted to the blog on Monday.

Our young Stephen enjoying the nature in Donegal, Ireland, long before he was our SSC

May the luck of the Irish be with you!

  1. Which famous actor is from Ireland?
    1. Colin Farrell
    2. Liam Hemsworth
    3. Mark Wahlberg
    4. Ben Affleck
  2. Who was the first American president of Irish descent?
    1. John F. Kennedy
    2. Barack Obama
    3. Ronald Reagan
    4. Bill Clinton
  3. Which sport originated in Ireland?
    1. Rugby
    2. Football (soccer)
    3. Hurling
    4. Bottle-flipping
  4. Which famous rock band is Irish?
    1. The Rolling Stones
    2. The Beatles
    3. The Who
    4. U2
  5. What is the capital city of Ireland?
    1. Cork
    2. Dublin
    3. Galway
    4. Belfast
  6. What percent of Boston claims Irish ancestry (based off of 2010 US Census)
    1. 5%
    2. 5%
    3. 35%
    4. 16%
  7. How many counties are in the Republic of Ireland?
    1. 26
    2. 32
    3. 6
    4. 36
  8. Which Boston sports team is Irish-themed?
    1. Boston Red Sox
    2. New England Revolution
    3. Boston Bruins
    4. Boston Celtics
  9. What are the official languages of Ireland?
    1. English and Irish (Gaeilge)
    2. Ulster Scots and Irish (Gaeilge)
    3. Irish (Gaeilge)
    4. English and Ulster Scots
  10. Which movie was filmed in Ireland?
    1. Star Wars
    2. Saving Private Ryan
    3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
    4. All of the above
  11. What do the Irish say for “Potato chip?”
    1. Cripe
    2. Crisp
    3. Crepe
    4. Cranaic
  1. If an Irishman approaches you and says “Ey what’s the craic boy?”, how would that translate into American English?
    1. What’s your name man?
    2. What’s up dude?
    3. Where’s the pub guy?
    4. When are you leaving my house?
  2. If an Irishman says “I’m absolutely knackered”, what does that mean?
    1. He is very excited for the soccer game on Friday.
    2. He is very energetic and wants to go for a run.
    3. He has had a bit too much to drink.
    4. He is very tired and wants to go to bed.
  3. If an Irishman says “I’m grand, grand all together,” what does that mean?
    1. I’m fine, thanks.
    2. I’m horrible, leave me alone.
    3. I’m hungry, give me food.
    4. I’m thirsty, I really want a beer.
  4. If an Irishman says “Let’s go for pints shall we?”, what is he asking you to do?
    1. He’s asking you to go to the pub with him.
    2. He’s asking you to marry him.
    3. He’s asking you for directions to the bus stop.
    4. He’s asking you to get him milk at the shop.
  1. If an Irishman says “That’s gas!”, what does that mean?
    1. That’s not interesting!
    2. That’s horrible!
    3. That’s sad!
    4. That’s so funny!
  2. If an Irishman says “what’s the story?”, what is he asking you?
    1. How’s your wife?
    2. Can you tell me what happened in the book?
    3. How are you?
    4. Can you read me the story?
  3. If an Irishman says “Ugh, Mick is so thick,” what is he saying?
    1. Mick is fat
    2. Mick is stupid
    3. Mick is smart
    4. Mick is not friendly
  4. Is an Irishman says “my oul fella,” who is he referring to?
    1. His father
    2. His best friend
    3. His co-worker
    4. An old classmate
  5. If an Irishman says “Stephen’s a fine thing,” what does that mean?
    1. Stephen is very intelligent.
    2. Stephen is very friendly.
    3. Stephen is good looking and attractive
    4. Stephen is athletic.

Do you want to learn more about Irish culture in Boston from Stephen?  How about just learning English in a multicultural city such as Boston? Head on over to our website where you can learn more about learning English in Boston.