What is St. Patrick’s Day? Let’s ask our Irish SSC, Stephen!

Here at EC Boston, we decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s day a little differently. Normally, people in Boston celebrate St. Patrick’s day by wearing green, eating green-frosted cupcakes and drinking Guinness. However, we did it a little differently, while we did all wear green, our Irish SSC, Stephen, brought in authentic Irish potato chips (crisps) and butter toffees!

Many students got confused, however, as we’re not yet we’re celebrating this Irish holiday. Thankfully, Stephen agreed to talk with us and explain St. Patrick’s day to us, and how he celebrates!

So, Stephen, tell us, why is St. Patrick’s Day celebrated in Boston? I mean, we’re not in Ireland?

You’re right, St. Patrick’s day started as a holiday in Ireland to honor the man, St. Patrick, who brought Catholicism to Ireland. However, St. Patrick’s Day has evolved to become the Irish national holiday. Here in Boston, we’ve had a long history of Irish immigration into the city. Even today, the Boston area is home to thousands of Irish families who’ve settled in the Boston area, including my own. We’ve always felt welcomed and integrated here, but that wasn’t always the case,  Unlike most people

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s day?

I enjoy spending time with my family, we normally eat traditional Irish food, such as bangers (irish sausages), cabbage, potatoes, stews, and most importantly Taytos! I also enjoy spending time with my friends, normally on St. Paddy’s weekend Ireland plays in a big rugby match, so it’s fun getting together with my friends and supporting the Irish!

So Boston is a city full of Irish pubs, can you recommend any?

I can, even though I don’t drink I still enjoy the pub culture on offer here in Boston! There’s a wonderful pub just a couple blocks away from EC, the Black Rose. Every night of the week they have a different band which plays traditional Irish music. The atmosphere is incredible especially when the whole crowd sings along! I can also recommend PJ Ryan’s, the most authentic Irish sports pub in the city! Anytime Ireland play in a rugby or soccer match, the pub is full of fans of the Irish team chanting and supporting the team! It’s also one of the few places that plays gaelic football and hurling, the traditional sports in Ireland, and whenever there is an all-Ireland final the fans of the teams playing will be there!

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