EC wants to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!

We live on a beautiful planet that, unfortunately, we sometimes don’t treat as well as we should. However, here at EC Boston, we try our best to maintain a sustainable school. We have recycling bins at every corner and our teachers make sure to re-use paper whenever possible!

Boston is a city that takes great pride in efforts to reduce pollution and to clean up our environment. The once polluted Charles is now safe enough to swim in, there’s even a proposal to build a natural swimming pool at North Point Park, and the city of Boston has reduced green house gas output by 37% since 2005! Our SSC Stephen says “I really enjoy living in such an environmentally friendly city! There’s next to no air pollution here, and the water’s getting cleaner ever year! We used to joke that if you swim in the Charles River you’d grow a third eye, but now I’d go swimming in the Charles River without thinking twice!”

Do you want to study at an environmentally conscience school? Check out EC Boston’s website and see if we’re the right ESL School in Boston for you.