Student Testimonial – Nawaf

One of our students, Nawaf, just graduated. He had been here at EC Boston since April, 2018 — that’s a pretty long time! But in that time, he went on a fantastic journey from pre-intermediate all the way up to proficient. That’s right, he went all the way from the B1 to the C2 level. And that’s not all, he was a student ambassador, he was heavily involved in our EC Boston Volunteer Club, and — maybe most importantly — he had a wonderful experience as he learned English. See what he had to say below:

I’m Nawaf, a student by trade. I’ve been here close on 17 months, starting at pre-intermediate and eventually, I reached proficiency, then graduated. Never have i regretted my decision to study at EC Boston. Firstly, the staff were highly qualified and genuinely nice. Not only that but also the chance to meet wonderful friends from all over the world, which provided me the perfect atmosphere to brush up what I’ve learned in school. Another thing worth mentioning is the activities. They set up a fascinating environment to make friendships and let me get the most out of my time in Boston. Well, I’ve had a good run at EC, and now I’ve been accepted into Arizona State University. So, my new plan is to see through my studies in mechanical engineering. So, I really recommend everyone not to hesitate about coming to EC Boston.

Clearly, Nawaf was very happy with his time here at EC English Boston. When he goes off to Arizona State University next semester, we wish him the best of luck. And, what’s more, we hope he remembers us here at EC Boston, and we hope he remembers all of the skills we taught him! If I ever need a mechanical engineer to help me out in the future, Nawaf will be the first person I call!