Students Paradise — Harvard and MIT

Well, here’s another great thing about heading out of the summer and into the fall at EC Boston. The university fall semester is going to begin!

Do you want to hear a crazy fact about Boston? There are over 100 universities and colleges here! Over 100! And of course, the most famous ones would be Harvard and MIT. In fact, Harvard University is the single oldest university in United States of America.

One of the favorite activities for many of our students is to take a tour of these university campuses. Both universities offer very exciting tours for our students. Who doesn’t want to visit these beautiful campuses? Also, this is another great opportunity for our students to practice their English skills in a real-world environment. The tour guide gives a lot of information about the university — they tell about the history, about the classes, and even about the famous celebrities who attended. Did you know, John F Kennedy went to university of Harvard? As did our Student Services Coordinator Stephen’s favorite actor, Tommy Lee Jones.

So the tour guide is always really friendly, and they like to engage our students in conversation. This means that, after our students listen to all of the information, they get to engage with the tour guide and ask questions. Our teachers put in so much effort into developing our student’s listening and speaking skills in the classroom, and then when students go on activities like this one, they get a wonderful opportunity to practice what they learn in an interesting environment.

Both of our Student Services Coordinators, Stephen and Michael, as well as our intern Kazuki, have been on these tours. They had a great time, too! Kazuki hopes that, one day, he’ll be able to study at MIT as a graduate student. I Think he must have been pretty inspired by his tour guide!