What Do You Think?

We asked Tolga, 28, from Turkey, who is one of our long term students to give us his opinion about our school.

How long have you been at EC Brighton and how long will you stay here?

(Tolga): I have been here for nearly 7 months and I will stay until 8th December.

Which level did you start at and which level are you now?

I started at Elementary level, but I only stayed there for 2 weeks. I’ve been in Upper Intermediate Level, but 2 weeks ago I changed the class, because I want to do my IELTS exam.

How do you like the teachers?

They are friendly. The lessons are funny. I really enjoy my lessons.

Which activities do you take part in and which one do you enjoy the most?

I like the FREE lessons and Salsa, but most of all I like the free lessons with Patricia and Krystoff. Pub night is very useful to meet other nationalities and you can improve your English.

What are your thoughts of Brighton and our school?

Such a lovely city, the weather is very good. There are a lot of nice pubs and clubs. I really like the school, the staff is very friendly, helpful, like angels. I’ve made a lot of friends here.

You are living in one of our residences, what do you think about it?

It’s such a beautiful residence. It is very close to the school as well as the centre of town. The rooms are big and the kitchen is very nice. I like the TV the most, because it’s so big.



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