Best in Europe?

What do you think has been the most relevant event in June? The Queen’s jubilee? Summer time? To be honest the most significant event this month has been the Euros! Not only football fans but all citizens have been stuck in front of a TV from the
beginning of June.

Teams such as Germany, Netherlands, England and Spain started as favorites. However, humble nations have made the big teams sweat. For example, Denmark beat Netherlands while Croatia played an important role beating Ireland and complicating Italy’s qualification.

But it is my belief that the top 4 best matches until now have been:

1) Denmark-Portugal (13 jun): 5 goals in the whole match which finally gave the victory to Portugal but also showed that Denmark are no pushovers.

2) Sweden-England (15 jun): Intense, fast paced, good goals…perfect match! Swedish complicated the qualification of England scoring 2 goals at the beginning of the second half but Walcott and Wellbeck (and the goal of Andy Carroll at 23´) gave victory to the English.

3)  England-Italy (24 jun): Critical, exciting and the first match of the tournament  ending in a 0-0 draw which concluded  with a penalty shoot-out. Italy got a place in the semis where they will face the strongest team in this competition: Germany (today at 19:45)

4)  Spain-Portugal (27 jun): The second 0-0 of the tournament but what it lacked in goals, It made up for with the determination and attractive, fast paced football on show. Spain won on penalties and reach their 3rd successive major tournament final.

The final will be the 1st of July, All bets point to Germany joining Spain in the final…but can Italy break down the attacking power of Germany?


Maria Royo



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