Are You Ready For The Weekend? Part 2.

Could it be? COULD IT BE? Could we finally be getting some of the rare British summer? Well, all the forecasts point to a sunny weekend! The question is then, what to do with it? You might only get one, it’s time to make the most of the weather!

Following on from our profile of Lewes, We’re going to have a look at some of the other great local trips you can take in Brighton and the surrounding area.

An ancient English Myth tells the story of how the Devil, angered by the number of churches in the weald of Sussex, planned to dig a huge trench to let the sea flood the plain. An old woman, disturbed by the digging, lit a candle– the devil thought the dawn was fast approaching and abandoned his task, leaving the valley carved into the landscape.


Aside from amazing views:

File:Devils Dyke.jpg

There’s also a traditional Sussex pub at the top. Why not grab a drink and look out over almost all of the county?

Here’s the best bit. The buses that run up to The Devil’s Dyke are of the open-top variety!

You can travel from brighton for a return price of £5.00, and the buses run until September the 2nd. Number 77– you can catch it from the Old Steine or from along the seafront. Why not do some exploring this weekend?