Vera & Emilia: Third week in Brighton

Shopping in London


The best experience for us this week was our visit in London on Saturday. We went there by train and spent the whole day there. We had some sightseeing in mind but unfortunately we couldn’t leave the shopping streets, they were too amazing!! We loved Oxford street, New Bond street, Regnet street and recommend it if you want a full day of shopping.  Except from shopping we meet up with Matilda and Frida, our friends and classmates from Sweden who are interns at EC London.
It was a great day and we plan another trip to London soon to do more of the sightseeing!

Yesterday we went bowling in the Marina with some friends from the school, it was so much fun! It is very easy to take the bus to the Marina and there you can find a lot of restaurants, the cinema and the bowling place we went to.

At the office this past week Vera has been working at the academic office as usual except from one day when she helped Graham to install the new computers for all of the EC schools in the UK. Emilia has been working in the reception and has started to plan activities for Valentine’s Day.

This week, our teacher from Sweden is coming to visit us at the office and meet the staff. We’re looking forward to meet him and be able to show him what we work with here at EC and the city.


Emilia and Vera

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