Student Testimonials – Sebastien and Nicola

Sebastien Skiada from France studied with us for 3 weeks and stayed with one of our wonderful host families. He felt his English really improved during his time with us. Here’s what he had to say:

“I learnt a lot of good vocabulary. I think that my English is much better. Most of all, I made friends! I would recommend EC to everyone!”


Nicola Donato Scarciolla from Italy studied with us for 12 weeks and also stayed with one of our host families. He had a fantastic time and wanted to share his experience:

“It was an amazing time here at EC Brighton English School. I had the best teachers and met the best people from around the world. Thank you guys for this experience, I’ll never forget you. And don’t forget: it’s not the place that’s important, but the people!”

Sebastien with his certificate after studying at EC Brighton