Student Testimonials – Meruyert, Myrzabay & Simona

Meruyert Tussupbekova and Myrzabay Kaliyev came to EC Brighton together from Kazakhstan. They both made amazing progress on their Intensive English courses. Myrzabay began here studying at Elementary level, but left after taking his IELTS and making it to Intermediate level. Meruyert, on the other hand, started at Pre-Intermediate and progressed to Upper Intermediate, and she also took her IELTS. A fantastic achievement by both of them!


“It was a good experience! All the teachers were perfect! I met a lot of friends from all around the world!


“It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed EC Brighton English School!”

Meruyert & Myrzabay with their certificates for learning English at EC Brighton English School

Simona Del Gaudio, from Italy, studied here for two weeks on a General English course at Upper Intermediate level. She had an amazing time:

“I stayed for just two weeks but I think I’ve improved my English. It was an amazing experience!”