EC Brighton Goes to Globalls Mini Golf at Brighton Marina!

Mini Golf is a miniature game based on regular golf. Mini golf focuses entirely on the putting aspect of the game. The part of the game where the player takes small focused shots to get the ball in the whole from a shorter distance. In original golf the player takes some huge shots that go very far. But in the miniature version on small shots are taken. This game is often accompanied by fun and silly environments that wouldn’t be found in a typical golf course. Environments including tunnels, ramps, moving obstacles and such and such alike. There are many mini golf courses across the coast as it’s a seaside favorite attraction. Sometimes it is called minigolf but other times it can be referred to as crazy golf, put put golf, or something to that effect.


Glowing Dinosaur EC Brighton English Courses
Glowing Dinosaur


This minigolf is a different experience because it happens indoors under U.V light unlike the typical mini golfs which take place outdoors. There is a lot of wall art at this mini golf and crazy things like life size dinosaurs which make for a really interesting scene and a fun way to put the ball in the whole so to speak. It is fun for all ages. EC Brighton students will be taking part this time and it is going to be lots of fun. We won’t hold back on the putting front as we do our best to knock the golf balls into the wholes despite any obstacles we might face. This is a great way for students to have fun together and make friends.


When we go to mini golf we will have a great time and probably laugh and smile a lot and maybe take some pictures so we can remember the experience forever. It is only once in a life time thsat we might get to play minigolf under uv light so we have to make the most of it, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to have fun with EC Brighton.


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