Happy Birthday to Ana Gabriela Bezerra from EC Brighton!

Today is the birthday of Ana Gabriela Bezerra ,

Happy Birthday Ana!


Anas Birthday
Anas Birthday


At EC Brighton we are always happy to share the celebrations with our students on their birthdays. Birthdays mean different things to different people, especially as we meet people from all over the world. But England it’s customary to share a happy experience with people on their birthdays, which is why we always give our students a little surprise. Whether or not birthdays have value to our students, we want them to know that we’re with you on any opportunity to share good cheer.


However you like to celebrate your birthday, if you’re studying then we will want to help you celebrate. Part of our work here at EC, aside from teaching and caring for students, is spreading joy amongst our students and staff. This is what makes EC such a special place and is the reason why our students love to stay and study with us.


Birthdays are the days when planet is in the same position of orbit around the sun, as it was when you were born. But is a birthday an astrological celebration? Well our measurements of time are astrological or at least based on repeating movements of objects in space. Other than this, time is an arbitrary concept that only exists in our collective imagination. You could feasibly measure time on any repeated pattern such as the seasons, breathing, heartbeats, the ocean, etc. Although we find that the ones in space are more ‘constant’ than the ones closer to us. The trick with this is that the bigger things are, the slower they are and the less chance of anomalies occurring in the time span of human existence.

So yeah, happy birthday, have a good one, celebrate your position in the cosmos if you want to. Or just celebrate being you doing you yet another day.

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