Free Lyrics Training Workshop Today at EC Brighton

At EC Brighton today our teachers will be hosting a fun and informative lyrics training workshop, to help you learn English by learning songs in English. EC Brighton offers so much more than just lessons, we are always offering unique and interesting activities to help you learn English better (and for free!). This is a great way to learn the English languages and has many advantages when combined with traditional English learning methods.

Lyrics Training is great for improving your ability to understand and speak English. This method is very useful for developing helps better or new vocabulary and expressions, while reinforcing concepts of grammar. Most of all Lyrics Training helps you to develop your ear for understanding English in different dialects and accents. For often songs use unusual inflections on words not normally found in speech, which encourages your ear to pick up more variations of phonemes found in English words.


There have been many studies to show that simply exposing oneself to sounds of another language, activates regions in the brains necessary for the language learning process. Music is also a fun way to learn and to hear different accents and pronunciations, after all, music is a language of its known and can help you understand the culture of other countries too. It is quite different from typical listening exercises, usually where the pronunciation is clear and perfect. This is not reflective of real life, where everyone has unique and unclear pronunciations of words. So learning language through lyrics training workshops will help you speak and understand English in the world too. If your not already convinced, come to a free Lyrics Training workshop at EC Brighton to try learning English in a fun and unique way. It is a warm and welcoming environment and a great way to study English and improve your English language abilities.

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