Enjoy your coffee and hot drinks in the best cafes in Brighton

Brighton has the most cafes per resident than any other place in the UK. For this reason Brighton got its title as the most hipster place in the country. If you’re Learning English as a second language in Brighton, you’ll notice that Brighton loves coffee. There are so many places to enjoy hot drinks, snacks and small lunches, but I’ve put together a few that really stand out. It’s not just the quality of what’s in the cup that counts. Different places attract different people, maintain different atmospheres and have entirely different values behind their businesses.

Small Batch Coffee

These guys are bean providers for many of the local coffee shops. They do a lot to teach young people how to make good coffee and find jobs in the over saturated job markets of Brighton. While their shops bake delicious breads and treats. Well worth popping in to any of their branches dotted across Brighton.


Brewed serves some of the most far out and unheard of coffees you’ve never heard of. This place is a sister project, a spin off of a successful shop opened in Brighton centre. You can also get yummy pancakes and a variety of treats and small lunches depending on what day of the week you go.

Fanny’s of Hanover

Although it won’t stay under this name for long, it continues to be a pinnacle part of the Hanover community. Serving very good quality coffee in cold brew varieties, as well as smoothies, juices, fresh food and bakery items. There is a cosy basement available to rent for free to some community groups and as an extension to the seating in their cafe.

Flour Pot

Flour pots are everywhere across Brighton and you really can’t go wrong. Always serving consistently good hot drinks, breads and tasty treats. A visit to the trusted flour pot is never disappointing.

Presuming Ed

Presuming Eds might be one of the coolest places to get hot drinks in Brighton. With groovy decor including magazine covered walls, games controller chandeliers and other obscurities, Presuming Eds is a favorite of many. You can find trendy artists, entrepreneurs and all kinds of folk making use of this wonderful cafe. Since they now serve sushi, it’s well worth a visit.


Presuming Ed Entrance
Presuming Ed Entrance

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