Laura Fachini – What do you like about EC Brighton?

EC Brighton is a special place to learn English. Not just because of the location but because of all the magic things that happen at our school. Of course at EC you’ll find fantastic English lessons for all levels. But there is so much more to find that what happens in the classroom. Supporting this school is a great team of staff, working in areas such as accomodation, academic and student services. This way we can ensure students get everything they need from where they’re living, to they’re English learning and all the activities that go along with it. Our activities are there to support students as they learn English. They are an opportunity to make new friends from all across the world, while practicing English in an informal and real life setting.



“I choose EC Brighton because a friend recommended it, she said the school and the city was very beautiful and there weren’t many Brazilians. I learned a lot in grammar I would of liked to of stayed longer so I could of learned even more,i really liked the teaching method and the variety of different activities. I think my host family were really cool and i met so many friends here from all over the world, I will remember all that I did and all that I visited.” – Laura Fachini


Our EC staff are always on hand to help students with all aspects of their stay and education. Living in a new country, making friends and learning another language doesn’t always come easily. If you need support, you can find it at any time. Our accomodation team support students whether to find the best accomodation for them, whether it’s in one of our great residences or in a vetted homestay. Our academic team support students as they progress through their English language education, seeing that they get the everything they need from their lessons and progress as smoothly as possible.

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