Academic Lecture at EC Bristol!

If you study an ESL course abroad at EC Bristol, you will have the opportunity to join our fantastic & very interesting lectures.

On Wednesday 5th June, Andrew Giles (one of our awesome teachers at EC Bristol) gave a lecture called ‘Poetry: An Introduction’. The lecture was about the history of poetry and the current Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy. We looked at her poem ‘Talent’ and at the end of the lecture tried to write our own poems!

Here are the results:

'A horse was in remorse

Now he is calm as a cow

His anger turned to hunger.'

Mina Kweon and Ji-Young Kim


'The bird hated the frog

I don’t understand why

Maybe because the frog

Can catch the fly.'

Carlos Bautista, Laura Boisan and Diego Ordoñez


'The beautiful cat’s eyes

That fill the whole landscape

The sheep could feel jealousy by

Such beauty'

Daniel, Vera, Zeloiha, Juan and Mayerli


'Losing a friend in a difficult situation

Gives me the feeling like a chicken is being

Eaten by a crocodile.'

Faisel, Sadek and Abdalla


'An emotional state could be happiness

But also could be run away from

A snake or be involved in a room

With a big spider'

Paula and EddisonIMG_20130606_205254