Gabriela Montero replies to our Qs & As!


1- Why did you choose this destination?

I chose Bristol because is a Multicultural city and a good place to live and learn English .

2- What did you learn?

I’ve learned a lot of things from the British people and about their culture.

3- How much did you improve?

I think my English level has improved step by step and I am very grateful to my teachers.

4- What was your favourite EC activity? Why?

My favourite EC activity was when we were at the harbourside because we had to speak a lot between each other and with the assistant of the tourist information.

5- What did you like most about the school/lessons?

I like the extra-classes of the school eg.: on Wednesday is different, also when I try to translate some song, speech of BBC …

6- What did you like most about your accommodation?

I have no accommodation with the school. Fortunately, I live in a house with my own family.

7- Would you recommend EC to a friend?

Of course, I was a student last year and this year I come again…It’s a good school with good teachers and good location.

8- Where did your new friends come from?

My friends are from Italy, Brazil, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico ….

9- What did you like most about the social leaders?

I like the social leaders because they transmit loads of confidence, they are friendly and often they help the students.

10- What will you remember from your stay?

I will remember the teachers, the friends, and especially the English grammar forever .


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