Lena speaks about the Harry Potter studios!

My mates and I all met on Sunday to drive to Watford in order to discover the magic world of Harry Potter! Thanks to EC Bristol we rented a car with Hertz and were all ready for our little adventure.   If you are a fan of the books or movies you should really go to the Warner Bros Studio Tour London. I felt like a child again! The tour through the studios was awesome. The team behind Warner Bros Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter wanted to preserve and showcase these iconic props, costumes and sets so that Harry Potter fans could experience the magic of film making first-hand. You could even walk through the great hall where all the students eat together. All the eight films were produced in there and it’s filled with original sets, animatronics creatures and breathtaking special effects.  

‘Fabulous trip to the Southwest of England’ writes Antoine

We had a fabulous trip to the Southwest! With my friends we decided to rent a car for a weekend and so we ask for help to the EC Bristol team. We got a Hyundai from Hertz car company and left Bristol on Saturday morning. At the beginning we were a bit scared to drive on the other side of the road but we managed very well and had a very good laugh. When we arrived at our destination we discovered a scenic landscape. The coast is magnificent.   The rock is very high and you can sit on the grass to enjoy the sight. We decided to eat our picnic at the top of the rock and after that we swam in the beautiful & cold sea. In the evening we decided to watch the sunset from the top of Glastonbury Tor. We didn’t see the moon because there was too many clouds in the sky but we assisted to a wonderful sunset!

‘The courses in EC Bristol were very interactive’ says Jeremi

I came to Bristol because my studies required me to obtain a TOEIC test with a score of at least 785/990.    I study civil engineering so I had to find a company in England where to work and I found one in Bristol. As my English wasn’t very good I searched for some language schools and the group ESL suggested me to go to EC Bristol school. I stayed for 3 months in the school, and my speaking improved a lot, now I can speak with anybody. I learnt a lot of stuff like grammar, conjugation and some vocabulary. When I arrived my level was B1 and now I am B2. The courses in this school were very interactive, they weren’t many students in the classes, we discussed different and interesting topics. I met a lot of people from all the countries around the world, and all my teachers were very qualified ad competent. The learning strategy was totally different than in France and I found this one more attractive. Moreover, the staff in the school were very close to the students, and they did their best when I needed something. The receptionist team was very active, competent and smiling every time, it was a real pleasure to speak with them every day. I chose to live in the residence King Square in a twodio so I shared my kitchen with another student. It was a really good experience, it was a good way to met people and to speak English, and I recommend living in a residence to enjoy it to the maximum. I will have a lot of good memories about the school, the city and all the friends I met during my internship in Bristol. I will recommend the school and this city because I had a … Read more

Aimee writes about her time in Bristol!

I’d like to share with you my story in Bristol. When I arrived it was very difficult because I knew almost no English but my first sensation was ‘The city says ‘Hello Aimee’ and welcome.’ I felt very comfortable. Now I’m still feeling the same but multiplied by one thousand. In Bristol, there are a lot of things that I like: amazing street art, worldwide food, live music everywhere and the people are incredibly friendly. What you are isn’t important but what is important is who you are. I’m lucky because I’ve met special people in Bristol, people from different countries, people from Bristol. These people will be in my life forever, I’m pretty sure. I visited museums, important buildings, beautiful parks & open spaces. For me, Bristol’s real story is on the street. I used to go to have breakfast at Cafe Kino to eat delicious vegan food on Saturdays. I love the sunny days in Bristol. This is happiness when you feel good and comfortable with the environment that surrounds you! Stokes Croft, what can I say about it? I think that is my favourite area in the world!!! I love doing my homework at the pub called the Full Moon but I also love spending my time in the pub n.51 on Fridays or Saturdays. This place has incredible music. I love walking down the streets and seeing beautiful graffiti. I enjoyed a lot the festivals organised by the city of Bristol such as the Harbour Festival, wow, great food, music on the street. The Upfest, a graffiti festival, had amazing street art. The Hot Air Balloon fiesta…I can’t explain with one word…I need time to describe my feelings on that Saturday night. Beautiful fireworks, spectacular balloons, food, music, an amazing energy! I felt love, butterflies in my stomach like when you find your other half. … Read more

Ziyad shares his thoughts on EC Bristol!

Ziyad Alsulami came straight from Saudi Arabia to study & improve English at EC Bristol. He had a wonderful time here and would like to give his opinion on EC! I chose EC Bristol because a friend of mine told me to. It has been a fantastic experience because I improved my English a lot. All EC staff are really friendly especially the reception team, Stella and Raphaelle, they are very friendly, the best reception I have ever seen. The teachers are good and friendly as well, especially Fabi. I would recommend to all my friends to go and study English at EC Bristol. I’ve known a lot of people from different nationalities and we became good friends. We always went out and have parties together.

David Riesco replies to ours Qs & As!

Why did you choose this destination ? – Because my cousin lives here. What did you learn? -I learned a lot and my English is good now. How much did you improve? – I think that I improve my English very much. What was your favourite EC activity? Why? – The walk to the Bristol suspension bridge and the BBQ, because it was funny and a great day. What did you like most about the school/lessons? – The teachers and the partners. What did you like most about your accommodation? – The accommodation was good and I haven’t had any problems because the room is clean and big and the service is good. Would you recommend EC to a friend? – Yes absolutely yes! Where did your new friends come from? – From many countries like Turkey or Korea. What will you remember from your stay? – I am going to remember the funny lessons and the amazing people that I’ve met during this experience.          

‘I am more confident when speaking English’ says Maxim

Maxim Grishin, from Kazakhstan, speaks about his experience at EC Bristol! He was studying in the Work & Business class in the afternoon. Meeting new people is always interesting, especially if you share a common goal – learning English. Lessons at EC Bristol school helped me to overcome shyness and speak naturally. I learned a lot and now I am more confident when speaking English. I’ve got a lot of new friends from different countries and we had a lot of fun during the multiple activities organised by the school, such as the graffiti tour, indoor climbing, bowling and visiting other cities. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to share it with my friends!

Beatrice Barbon speaks about EC Bristol!

I have chosen Bristol just to know another city of the UK. Last summer, I discovered Devon and I stayed in a quite small town. This time I wanted to live in a bigger city but not too big. I like to improve my English and discover the UK at the same time. I’ve studied in General English at EC Bristol and I’ve improved my speaking and writing. The school is situated in a wonderful place. The transparent walls inside give the students sunny rooms and an enjoyable atmosphere. The classes are well organised, the teachers are kind, qualified, ironic, patient and friendly. Probably I will return to this school. I would recommend EC to a friend. One of the things I really love when I study a foreign language abroad is that I can meet people from all over the world.

Felipe shares his views on EC Bristol!

Felipe Acordi Costa comes from Brazil and was studying English at EC Bristol for a month. He is 17 years old and would like to share with us his experience. I chose this destination because it is one of the cities in England with the most nationality mix. At EC Bristol, I learnt a lot of new words, vocabulary and I learnt more about the British culture. The teachers are great! They interact a lot with the students generating a better environment for learning. I would really recommend EC to my friends who wish to learn English.

Oscar shares his Bristolian experience!

I decided to go to Bristol to improve my English and to have an outstanding experience. I feel I’ve learnt a lot with very professional teachers in a friendly environment. I’ve met new colleagues and friends coming from different countries (Switzerland, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, France…) having good times together. I truly recommend EC Bristol to everyone who wants to discover a liveable and nice city with a lot of attractions and study English with the help of amazing teachers and nice school mates.