‘I hope I can come again!’ says Musab

Hello everyone, I’m Musab. I come from Saudi Arabia and I’m 18 years old. I came here on the 5th of July and at first I was scared but the EC staff, especially Stella, were so kind. They make it so easy for me; I felt like I’m part of a family. I spent 6 weeks in EC and it was one … Read more

‘I like Bristol!’ says Ozcan

Ozcan, 48 years old, came to Bristol to improve his English. He came straight from Turkey to enjoy a new experience. I like Bristol! I like EC Bristol school because I learned here a lot of things. Not only English language but a lot of things about people’s life, their culture, the function o … Read more

Abdullah shares his experience at EC Bristol!

I came here two years ago and I had a wonderful experience that’s why I chose this destination again. I have improved a lot my English since I study in EC Bristol. The teachers are very professional and friendly. I was also living in the student residence and I enjoyed it a lot. We organised t … Read more

Julio expresses his feelings about EC Bristol!

Firstly, I would like to say that there are two kinds of people who live in Bristol; one of them is people who live in Bristol and the other is people who are Bristolian at heart. I mean, if you are a person who lives in Bristol, like me, you must be open-minded, friendly and enjoy spending time wit … Read more

‘I made many friends’ says Lei Wu

Studying English at EC was a good choice for me. As I compare my English as it is now to before I came to the UK, it has improved dramatically. When I was in Japan, I only knew English grammar and easy vocabulary. After my first exam, I recognized that my English was terribly limited. However, my te … Read more

Romain speaks about his time at EC Bristol!

I have chosen Bristol because Boa Lingua advised me to, and London is overcrowded for me. I received a warm welcome when I arrived. Every teachers, staff members and students put themselves at your disposal if you need some help. They all want to see you smile. The lessons are focused on speaking an … Read more

‘I love EC School!’ writes Rebecca Duma

This is my second time in Bristol! I love this city very much because it isn’t too big and for this reason I chose this destination. I stay in Bristol for two weeks and I chose to stay in a homestay because I think that’s better to improve the language and you can also see the English life! My famil … Read more

Gabriela Montero replies to our Qs & As!

1- Why did you choose this destination? I chose Bristol because is a Multicultural city and a good place to live and learn English . 2- What did you learn? I’ve learned a lot of things from the British people and about their culture. 3- How much did you improve? I think my English level has im … Read more