Football at EC Cambridge

Whilst you have a break from studying English in Cambridge, why not join us for a bit of excercise. Every Sunday at 14:00 on Parkers Piece (near the swimming pool) we will be having football practice! Look out for James, Mike and some of our other teachers! What better way to spend a Sunday afternoo … Read more

Comic Relief at EC Cambridge! – 15th March!

Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK which strives to create a world free from poverty – they work 365 days a year to help that vision become a reality. So to help raise funds for Comic Relief Mike has agreed to have his legs waxed if our students help raise £250 for this worthy cause! OU … Read more

Activities at EC Cambridge

Don’t forget to collect Februarys activity programme from the Computer Room or outside the Academic Office! This month we will be visiting some of Cambridges most spectacular colleges, Kings College and St Johns College! For all activities meet at the school at 10:30 on Thursday or Friday!

Extra tips at EC Cambridge! Today for German Speakers

Often by changing just one letter you can transform a German word into English. Here are a few examples: Example:K       becomes      Ch                  Kalk/Chalk                  Z        becomes       T                    Zoll/Toll                   D       becomes      Th                  Danke … Read more

Need Careers advice? – EC Cambridge

At EC Cambridge we aim to help our students succeed in a Global Community. This Thursday we have a full trianed careers advisor coming into EC to speak to our students about their futures. Penny can give advice on employment and give help with selecting a Univeristy! If you want to take advantage of … Read more

This weeks activities – EC Cambridge

As well as the Free English Lessons at EC Cambridge on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we also offer you the chance to visit Great St Marys Church. This amazing building has amazing architecture and is famous for its huge Tower. The visit includes free admission to go up the Tower and get some of th … Read more

Tickets Galore – EC Cambridge

Whilst studying English at EC Cambridge, if you like to let your hair down we now have some tickets for some of the amazing clubnights in Cambridge. We have a joint ticket for Lola Lo on a Monday and Ballare on a Thursday. These cost just £6 and give you VIP entrance to both clubs as well as a free … Read more

Groups at EC Cambridge

As well as catering for Adult sudents all year round and Junior Students on out Junior Programme during the Summer, we also offer English Language Courses for groups. Whether its a group from a school, club, college or university, we can provide brilliant courses as well as offer a range of fun acti … Read more

English Classes at EC Cambridge

Learning English in Cambridge is a great experience. As well as having fantastic teachers and brilliant English courses at EC Cambridge, there is also a great atmosphere and lots to do.  There are lots of International and University students making Cambridge a great place to study English. We have … Read more

Academic Year – EC Cambridge

If you are looking for a long term English Course in Cambridge, why not check out our Academic Year Programme! This is a programme specifically designed for students studying English at EC Cambridge for 24 weeks or more. As well as amazing English Classes, you will also have your own tutor to guide … Read more