Anna Barbieri tells us about her experience so far at EC Cambridge

Anna Barbieri from Italy has been studying on an Academic Year English Course with EC Cambridge since October last year.

Here is a very honest but great testimonial about her time here!



I have been in Cambridge since October and I remember that the first thought was : Oh my god, I can’t believe that I’m doing this by myself. I have no friends here, no family none apart me. I’m sure that I’ll feel alone. What I didn’t know was that I was wrong! The first impact could be tough but after few days you figure out that Cambridge and in particular the EC School is your new family. In EC I found not only an amazing school but also a group of people always ready to help and listen to you in every moment. I would recommend the EC to everybody because I think that is an experience of growing up and a marvellous occasion to meet new people with a different  point of view. A good occasion to meet people and start socializing is take part in the school’s activity. I find the welcome dinner a really good start! I really enjoy my lesson as well because every teacher that I had is amazing, always available to help and repeat in case of misunderstanding. Above all I think that the most important thing is the relationship between you and your house family (if you stay there) because they become your family for a while, for that reason the dialogue and the honesty are the first things. If you understand that you can get on well with them and become very close. I would never change mine! I’ll definitely recommend this experience to anybody and I hope that the next EC students will be lucky just as me, but is not a hope, it is a certainty!!!




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