EC Football at EC Cambridge

As you may know, England is the home of football and Cambridge played a huge part of that. The rules that we now follow in Football were created right here in Cambridge on Parkers Piece. Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer and drier, our Sunday football returns. Every Sunday we will re-live the tradition on Parkers Piece by playing football from 13:30.  All students welcome to join some of the EC staff and teachers for a kick about. All equipment is of course provided by EC, goals, bibs etc so all you need to do is turn up. Football is part of EC’s free activity programme to compliment is English Lessons in Cambridge.

English Courses With Accommodation at EC Cambridge

If you are looking for an English Courses with Accommodation, then look no further. EC Cambridge offers a range of different English Courses as well as accommodation in both student houses or host families. Choosing the right accommodation can be a tough decision so here we talk about the different options and the befits of each one. Host Families All of our homestay accommodation is located within 45 minutes of the school. Living with a host family provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the English Language. As well as this, most homestay options are half board. This means that the host family will provide you with breakfast and dinner everyday. There is also a Bed & Breakfast option. Students get to learn more about the British Culture and will be treated as part of the family. There are both Single and twin room options available and also en-suite rooms available. Student House EC Cambridge has two student residences all year round. These are suited to more independent students. Residences are self catering and you live with other students. Its a great way to meet other students and learn about other cultures. 91 Cherry Hinton  is located around 25 minutes walk from the school. It has both single and twin room options. All rooms are shared bathroom. Kite House has all single rooms and all the rooms are en-suite. This residence is just 75 metres from the school and in a fantastic location. If you want to more about living in a homestay or residence accommodation, take a look at our website.

Kings College – Part of EC Cambridge’s Free Activity Programme

EC Cambridge is located in the heart of this fantastic city, home to Cambridge University and Cambridge English Language Assessment. Yesterday we took some of our students to visit Kings College as part of their free activity programme. Out of the 31 colleges that make up Cambridge University, Kings College is probably the most famous and spectacular of the Cambridge Colleges. At EC Cambridge we think it is very important for our students to have a balance of classes and extra activities. Learning should not just be in the classroom. Our free activity programme gives EC students a chance to meet other students, practice their English and have some fun. If you want to find our more about learning English in Cambridge, take a look at our website.  

Alex from France shares his experience of EC Cambridge

Alex has been studying at EC Cambridge since September last year on an Academic Year English Programme. Currently he is studying for the FCE Cambridge English Exam. I have been almost seven months in EC Cambridge and it has been an amazing experience. Firstly, my English level has improved from low intermediate to advanced; moreover, the school is new and well equipped with smart boards. In the lessons we are at most fourteen students but generally we are around ten which makes the course more personal. Secondly, EC organises many activities such as bowling, visiting colleges, visiting museums which are free and they propose a travel every week in a different place for an interesting price. These activities are good opportunities to meet other students or future friends by discovering the British culture. I was in EC accommodation for my first month and found it really comfortable, well equipped and there was a cleaner who came every week. I found after that a shared house for the next six months because it was cheaper, but to be honest I missed the EC accommodation for is comfort. I would recommend EC Cambridge because the lessons are interesting and useful and the staff are really helpful and always welcoming. I would suggest, for future EC students, to not hesitate to go out often with the school or your friends or even alone, because it is the best way to improve your speaking and also to meet English people!

Erina from Japan tells us about her Academic Year Course at EC Cambridge

Erina has been studying at EC Cambridge since April last year. She has been studying on an Academic Year course at EC Cambridge and as part of that has taken the CAE Cambridge English Test. Here she tells us about her experience. I have been studying at EC Cambridge for ten months. I have experienced both general class and exam class during this period. The good things about general class are that they are focused more on speaking exercises and you can study English with various kinds of activities. On the other hand, in exam class, you have more opportunities of writing exercises, which range from formal essay to informal letters. I am happy to have taken both classes because changing the type of my class was good to refresh myself. If you are interested in studying on an English Course at EC, check out our website.

Goodbye to some of our English Language Course Students

On Friday we said goodbye to some of our wonderful students. One of which was Zuhair Ali who is from Libya. Zuhair has been studying the Cambridge IELTS course and Intensive English at EC Cambridge. Zuhair started his course in September last year. When he started his level of English was pre-intermediate. He is now Pre-advanced so he has made seen a vast improvement. Zuhair also was a student ambassador for EC Cambridge, welcoming new students to the school and answering students questions. Being from Libya he also helped students with lower levels translating from Arabic to English. We would like to wish all of our departing students all the best for the future! We will miss you!

Dario From Switzerland tells us about his CPE Cambridge English Test Preparation Class

Dario from Switzerland tells us about his CPE Cambridge English test exam preparation course. Hey Guys! In this little text I want to tell you about my stay in EC-Cambridge. First and Foremost I’ve been here for six months and I enjoyed every single day of it. Not only did I got to know many amazing people from fairly remote countries, but also the welcoming Staff of the school. I would recommend especially this language school to absolutely everyone. The school covers a wide range of English levels and adapts perfectly according to everyone’s weaknesses. Moreover, you can pick up the beautiful British accent and walk down the hallways where some of the most extraordinary geniuses have walked down by visiting the different colleges. Cambridge is such a historical and intellectual place that I immediately fell in love with it. It offers almost everything from the DNA-Pub to Ted Backer’s. There is an incredible number of leisure activities which prevent you from feeling bored. The School is a very modern building. The facilities are very neutral and offer perfect, ‘non-distracting’ learning space. The employees are very helpful and try to cope with every situation. The whole atmosphere makes you feel to be part of the big EC-Family, simply because everyone is so nice and supportive, which is what I like the most about the school. The Courses are separated into seven levels, which provide perfect adaption. Your level is concluded from the result you score at the placement test. After taking this test on the first day you will be put into a class according to your score, however, if you feel uncomfortable with your level you can change it within one week. Personally, I attended an Exam-Course throughout my whole stay. This courses are very well organised and usually … Read more

Love is in the air at EC Cambridge

  Last Friday we celebrated Valentines Day at EC Cambridge. Valentines day started as the celebration of the Christian Saint Valentinus and takes place on February the 14th every year. It is celebrated  by many countries across the World.   To join in with this occasion, we had a box for letters so students could share there good wishes with each other and maybe a few messages of love. We also had a raffle with chance to win a fantastic box of chocolates. Not only that but also some yummy cakes for our students to tuck into at lunchtime. The cakes were a hit and were gone within two hours. Members of staff wore read and pink and we decorated the school to match the occasion. As well as learning English, we know it is important for our students to have some fun and interact with other nationalities and cultures so if you are interested in taking an General English course, Business English Course on a preparation for one of the Cambridge English tests, then get in touch.

Jacopo from Italy tells us about his Cambridge IELTS course in Cambridge

Jacopo has been studying the Cambridge IELTS course for the last 5 weeks. I’ve been at EC Cambridge for five weeks, such an exciting experience that I recommend to all! Cambridge is a lovely city, ideal if you are looking for a quiet place for studying English abroad. With regard to EC school: helpful staff, brand new facilities and brilliant teachers ensure a pleasant experience as well as a great English improvement. During my spare time I have appreciated the several attraction offered by the city of Cambridge: visiting colleges, Fitzwilliam Museum and many churches. I booked my accommodation at a host family just twenty minutes from the school. I wish I will be back for professional purposes in Cambridge! If you want to find out more about English courses in Cambridge, take a look online.

Benedetta Paloni from Italy tells us about her IELTS Course at EC Cambridge

Benedetta is studying on a Cambridge IELTS course at EC. Here she tells us about her experience at EC Cambridge so far. I have been at EC Cambridge for three months. For me it was a good experience because I have good teachers and I improve my English. For the lesson I prefer my classes in the morning because when you get up and start the lesson your mind is fresh and work more.For me the course is good when the teacher teaches you grammar but at the same time new vocabulary, listening and writing.When you have this mix the lesson is not boring and your remember more. I like Cambridge because is not too big but there is everything you want. I would like to come back to EC Cambridge because it is a good school and the people if you have a problem help you. If you are interested in learning English in Cambridge why not take a look at our website.