AY Lectures at EC Cambridge

EC runs Academic Year English Courses in Cambridge. Academic Year is for students studying over 24 weeks and comes in both General and Intensive English formats.

By taking an Academic Year (AY) English course you get additional benefits to your programme. Firstly, you have an AY tutor who will have regular one to one sessions with you to help you with your English learning. They will give you advice, tips and monitor your progress all the while setting goals to help you achieve your target English Level.

At the end of the AY programme you will receive a Diploma as well as an English Language certificate that you can show to potential employers or universities.

Once a month, you will be invited to an AY lecture. This weeks lecture was by Stephan and was about the BBC.


Academic Year English Courses in Cambridge by Stephan

Here are some comments about the lecture from our students.

“Good activity and items”
“This lecture was interesting because we could learn deeply about the BBC”
“Interesting topic, the quiz was useful to remember the important points”
“It’s a good lecture”
“It’s really nice to know about the BBC”
“The topic was lovely and the lecture was very clear”
“Thank you for the brilliant enlightening lecture”
“I think this lecture is great”

If you are interested in Academic Year Courses at EC Cambridge, check out our website.