Sangyin from Korea tells us about his English Course at EC

Sangyin studies on our General English Course at pre-advanced level. Here he tells us about his English Course.

Name: Sangyin
Nationality: South Korean
Occupation: Student

Sangyin from Korea studies General English at EC Cambridge

Why did you choose EC?

At first, I was too busy when I decided to go abroad and prepared for that to consider what choices would be good and proper. Therefore, I had to depend on recommendations of the agency I worked with, and they encouraged me to choose Cambridge. Although I had been considering America as the best place to study english before, I could easily change my mind after looking for benefits to study in the UK. There were much more things than I thought, such as cultures, sightseeing, unfamiliar but attractive accent of British, and, moreover, Cambridge (and EC……) by itself!

What do you like about EC?

So far, I have upgraded my class from intermediate to pre-advanced. And I think it was fully thanks to the classes I have been studying in, friends I studied with and mostly teachers. I don’t know all the teachers indeed, but I’m convinced that the teachers I’ve seen in my classes were really devoted to their students and very well-prepared.

What do you like about Cambridge?

At the first moment I arrived in this city, I was a bit shocked, because I had not lived in the city like Cambridge. Quite small and not so crowded, the city had totally different atmosphere from the city where I lived. I couldn’t go out after 6 pm when I had usually gone out to hang around with my friends back in my country and didn’t know how to kill time in this small city with few things to do. As time goes on, however, I could be naturally absorbed into really British lifestyle. Finally, I could find me drinking beer and watching football matches in the pubs! And it’s also very nice to walk around this historic and old city in the university. Imagine that you are walking on the road Issac Newton or Alan Turing walked in the past!