Veralina From Peru talks about her FCE Cambridge ESOL class at EC

Veralina is currently studying in EC Cambridge’s FCE Cambridge ESOL Class. Here she shares a little about her experience so far.

Where are you from?
I´m from Perú.

What you do in your home country (work/study)?
I just finished my major in public and social administration. I presented my thesis last year on December. And finally I came here to follow my English dream.

Why you chose EC and why Cambridge?
I chose EC, because I love orange! Actually, I had no idea about a good English school, but after a deep searching on the internet, I decided to choose EC because it has a lot of activities to enjoy, learn and think in English. And I don´t regret it.
And definitely, Cambridge for me is the best place to learn, I chose it because it is recognised as a university town, it´s a small city but close to London. And also the history and peace that the photos transmitted to me when I saw them the first time.

What you like about your classes?
I enjoy meeting people from the whole world, the atmosphere to learn and the teachers are amazing. The way that we learn every single moment, how can I explain it, it´s natural.

What you like about your accommodation?
I am very happy living with a host family, every day I learn something new about English culture. For the first time in my life I have a cute dog . It’s like a real family for me, they spoiled me a lot.

What you like about Cambridge as a city?
I love the view along the River Cam, the student life and history inside this beautiful city. I can´t fail to mention that I love to ride my bike here it´s definitely one of the best for me.
Veralina From Peru studies FCE at EC Cambridge