EC Cape Town Student Testimonial: Tracy Walls

Lovely testimonial from Tracy who joined EC to learn English in Cape Town. Take a look at what she has to say:

“Everyday, Cape Town catches my breath! It is a city surrounded by incredibly ‘postcard-like’ natural beauty; from the inspiring mountains that change hue while the sun sets over the ocean, allowing the likes of the V&A Waterfront to ‘blossom’ and come to life as night arrives. Local sounds of drumming indigenous music sounds the awakening of Cape Town’s colourful and energetic night life- Cape Town doesn’t sleep early! EC is well located in the middle of this kaleidoscope of beauty and energy! EC itself is embracing the moment you walk through the front door. Not only does their front desk representative greet you with the warmest smile- but the entrance is bursting with Cape travel and event information! What a welcome to Cape Town! EC’s staff is vibrant, informative, warm and friendly! What a way to learn English in the jewel of South Africa, Cape Town, in the the competent hands of EC.”

Cape Town's V&A Waterfront



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