“My Bucket List” by Kim from South Korea

Last week the Upper intermediate class had to write a bucket list as part of their homework. There were many excellent pieces of writing. Here is one particularly well written assignment by Kim from South Korea:

“Before I kick the bucket, I really want to go to trip with my parents. I’ve been very busy to keep doing my work such as studying and social life so I didn’t spend most of the time with my parents, especially my father. Also, my parents did their best to support their children,me and my younger sister. Therefore its a small present for them. It can be worth paying money for my parents because of their endless love to us. After that I want to go traveling the other countries more than 25 because I’ve been to only 4 countries. I would like to go up in a hot air balloon so that I can look around the village scenery and peaceful sky. These three things that I mentioned are my bucket list,so I expect to complete my bucket list before I kick the bucket.”

Kim & Nicola