HOW TO: Organize Your Time

At some point, we all feel like we could do with an extra hour (or two) in our day, right? With so many of us having smart phones, we should be organizing our lives better with various apps that are available to us. I know that many students have to balance their studies with family life and/or work. Therefore, I thought it may be necessary to hold a “How To” workshop about organizing your time. It was well-attended and I hope that the students who were there took a few tips away that I hope they will use. The workshop was held on Thursday, 14/11.


Here is a summary of what we chatted about.

Why do we try to manage our time?
– To have control over our lives
– To be happier & healthier

  1. Be Organized
    -Appointment calendars
    -To Do lists
  2. Plan Ahead
    -Schedule it and it will happen
  3. Prioritize Your Tasks
    -Use ABC rating system for items on your -To Do list with A = highest priority
  4. Avoid Overload
    -Include time for FUN
    -Learn to say “No”
  5. Practice Effective Study Techniques
    -Have an appropriate study environment
    -Split large tasks into more manageable tasks
    -Do most difficult work first
  6. Be able to be flexible
    -Expect the unexpected (sick / car trouble etc)
  7. Have a Vision (Why are you doing all of this?)
    -Know what is important to you (What do you value most?)
    -Have a positive attitude

~Sheetal Makhan / AYC