“Mystery Restaurant” Class Outing


Last Thursday the Beginner and Elementary class went on a joint class outing. The objective was to practice the target language covered in the lessons earlier that week.

The Elementary students were charged with the task of leading the group to the ‘mystery restaurant‘. They had to follow the directions on their worksheet. The teachers rang a bell if they took a wrong turn. They successfully led everyone to the restaurant with little help from the teachers. Then everyone had to order something from the menu, make a new friend and pay for their own food. They had to express their opinion about the restaurant and say if they would go there again.

Some of the students had this to say

I like to eat the food because I miss the food in my country.”
Moaz from Libya

I don’t like spicy.”
Jordano from Spain

I like spicy.”
Omar from Italy

Pedro from Brazil and Midi from Angola wrote, “Mariam’s Kitchen is a restaurant at Cape Town at St Georges Mall street. The owner’s and the employee’s run the restaurant so they take special care of their customers.  The food is fresh and delicious and everything is homemade – even the peppermint tarts are homemade! Try the peppermint tarts with a soft drink.”

by Nurjan Sonday / Teacher




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