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by Sheetal Makhan / Academic Year Coordinator

They say “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover“, but in this case I couldn’t help it. While browsing through a local bookstore lately, my eyes fell on doe-eyed Saroo Brierley as a child – pictured on the cover of the book he authored, “A Long Way Home“. Words that jumped out for me were “India / lost / Australia / adopted / Google Earth / reunited

I was instantly hooked!

The book is a very easy read and follows the footsteps of Saroo. We feel his fear as he wanders away from his home and finds himself on a moving train…which ends up in Calcutta. He’s in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle and is feeling scared. As a little boy who is uneducated, it is clear that he is vulnerable and is at risk of being either kidnapped or left to die of hunger. Books that are based on true stories are really powerful and makes the reader feel as though they are IN the story, experiencing the pain and heartache along with the main character. Because of Saroo’s colourful and descriptive writing, one can almost hear the trains zooming past and smell the pollution which lingers in the air.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this at the moment and recommend it to anyone who is looking for an adventure. I am especially looking forward to the part where Saroo reaches adulthood and with the help of Google Earth, finds his way back home. From Australia all the way back to India!

Did you know?
EC Cape Town’s Academic Year English Course places a lot on emphasis on reading.


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