EC Cape Town: World Cup Update 2014

The Fifa World Cup has had the whole world sitting at the edges of their seats, with nail biting drama to brilliant wins we simply had no choice but to give a follow up on the fixtures of the latest match! Netherlands vs Mexico, what an excellent game played, and even more so if you are a Netherlands supporter! A beautiful 2-1 win, and a game well played, students from the Netherlands can walk proudly down the streets of Cape Town as their team did them proud!! We are very excited to see what the next match has in store for us with France taking on Nigeria, South African time for game will be at 18h00pm, with Germany vs Algeria at 22h00pm South African time.

World Cup at EC Cape Town
World Cup at EC Cape Town

The Fifa 2014 World Cup has kicked off on the 12 June 2014, with an excellent opening ceremony, although a few technical problems with regards to sound, everything else was spectacular. So far we have seen great matches, lots of disappointments but even more joyful cheers. Brazil has been host to the Fifa World Cup for an astounding two times, the first being in 1950! 64 matches have been set for the 2014 World cup in and around Brazil with the final match being on the 13 July 2014! Stay glued to your seats, and don’t take it too hard if your team looses, keep the spirit alive and simply support another team! We encourage ALL students to tell us about their Fifa world cup experience thus far, or even better why not show us? Simply have a look at our Facebook page, we are running an awesome competition, so upload your pictures and stories of where you’ve been or where you will be when the next match kicks off!!


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World Cup: Football Fever

EC Cape Town celebrates the 2014 Fifa World Cup



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