Life Advice from Abdulgader Alsharif

Sheetal Makhan (AYC)

As part of a writing activity recently, my students had to give advice for…life! As we know, life can be complicated at the best of times and and we often wish there was a handbook for us to refer to, right? Using the letters of the alphabet as prompts for each piece of advice, this is what my AY student, Abdulgader came up with. Enjoy…and take heed!

Abdulgader Alsharif from Libya (taken from Table Mountain)

Advise everyone to good ways or avoid people with dangerous ways.

Be smiling everyday, for everyone.

Continue what you started. Don’t give up!

Deal with problems in a simple way.

Easy life = huge success.

Feel your own feelings, but don’t be selfish.

Good friends guide you to a good life.

Happiness will get a happy life and reach your achievement.

I‘m possible = I’m pleased.

Joke around with your friends close to you.

Keep life easy.

Love. Love. Love.

Make fun for yourself and for others to enjoy.

Nothing is impossible.

Old people have quiet wisdom.

Pride of your work leads to success.

Quality is magnificent.

Read before writing or speaking.

Simple = happy = success. Don’t be silly!

Try to always have an open heart.

Use your brain for every moment.

Visit your friends and family to live in peace.

Wisdom is your leader.

Xerox [copy] your good memories.

Yield your negative thoughts.

Zero is the beginning of your steps.


Abdulgader is an Academic Year English Course Student (AY20) student

Academic Year English Course Student



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