AY Student of the Month: September 2014

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC

I remember the exact day I met Mohidin (“Mohi”) from Libya. During our interview, he seemed ambitious and a true “go-getter”. As I got to know Mohi and his work ethics, my respect for him has grown tremendously. Always at school well before 08:00, he displays discipline towards his studies. He has been writing with me for a the past couple of months and I sometimes sit in awe and pride after reading his work. Most of all, I’m so proud that he has now joined the Cambridge Preparation Course (FCE). He is a shining example that hard work pays off. Well done, Mohi!

Mohidin from Libya
Mohidin from Libya

Name: Mohidin Amar Esaadi

Nationality: Libyan

Profession: Doctor

When did you begin at EC?: 1 April 2014

What level did you begin at?: Pre-intermediate

Current level: FCE Cambridge Course (Upper Intermediate)

What is your reason for studying English?: I’m studying English because I want to complete my postgraduate study and I hope to get IELTS Band 7.

What extra facilities/classes at EC do you do? (eg Listening Center, Pronunciation Class etc…): I have been listening to a lot of stories and I have nearly finished all of them in the Listening Center.

Has this helped? How? Yes, of course. If I talk regarding my medical field, the most important thing to understand in another language is listening.

What tips/advice would you give to other students to improve their English?: You will have a lot of disappointments in your way and if you have these disappointments, you will realize that you are on the right path. Remember: Success has to come after a lot of disappointment.



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