Learning English – A Poem, by Sandra

This wonderful poem is a classic example of the creativity of our students on our English courses here at EC London 30+. In our English Classes not only do you practice your English grammar, pronunciation and skills such as reading, listening and speaking but you also get to be creative in your writing.  Learning English at EC we believe in you and your talents, whether you can rhyme or not you can have fun learning English with fellow creative students like Sandra!


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A Poem, by Sandra, EC London 30+


Sitting at a wooden table

paper, pen and brain at hand

but sadly find myself unable

to rhyme as well as I have planned.

Rhyming words are hard to find

if you’re not a native speaker

and the thoughts formed in your mind

look put on paper so much weaker!

Writing can be tough sometimes

Patience seems to be the key

I herewith dedicate these rhymes

to my teachers at EC!

Sandra, Germany.


If you would like to work on your poetry skills, please visit our EC London 30+ page for more information on our courses!