Ivan’s testimonial or how to enjoy London by walk!

Ivan’s testimonial, an EC London student.


My name’s Ivan. I’m 34 years old and I come from Spain.

My expectations before arriving to London were learning english and stay in a good city to visit things, and during after 2 weeks in the academy… All my expectations were covered! Probably better than I thoguht .

I am going to explain all arguments that I’ve considered interesting:

– Choosen city: London. It’s amazing place. Easy to walk, walk and walk… And during your travelling around the city you are continuously discovering some interesting places. It’s multicultural, restaurants everywhere, theatre, cinemas, monuments, and a very good artist singing on the streets!

– Academy: EC Learning. I am really satisfied. The location is very good, safe (you feel safe everywhere), good connected with diferent parts of london by: underground, train (connected too with another cities of London), buses… And walking!

EC workers (teachers and assistants) are continuously helping you and you’ve never been alone. In my case I needed to manage changes in my allocation and they were be ready to help me and manage everything.

Media resources were correct and the academy provides you everything: usefull rooms to learn, to stay with collegues and they offers you some cultural activities to spend your time in london better.

– Intensive Course (English for work). I was in the intermediate level for 2 weeks and I was really happy with collegues and the level of the class. You feel very safe because everybody is like you, traying to learn english…. It’s a very good experience too to speak with people with different accents, different culture,…

I had three different teachers and all of them were perfect ones! All of them had a very good attitude to helps you and work to have good environment in the class. Lessons never become in something boring… Everybody collaborates in clases an the atmosphere was really good!

– Allocation: I was in Chapter Residence and I was really really happy. It’s very well connected with transport (to visit london or another part of england) and very well connected to go walking to the academy. In my case chapter has all I need: my own room with a table to study, kitchen, own bathroom, computers with internet, very good wifi signal, close to supermarkets and restaurants,…


Definitively, I’ll repeat the same plan in the future if I could come to London again to learn English!


If you want to experience walks in London like Ivan and also experience English lessons for adults, come and join us at EC London.